Minimize Employment Risk and Stay Protected

By allowing EmPro to “do the work for you” business owners no longer need to hire employees. This stops companies from exposing themselves to potential costly lawsuits. Litigation costs can put a company out of business, and they are not limited to strictly financial costs.


Financial costs include attorneys fees, settlement/damage costs, and the cost of employee or owner/managers time devoted to the matter.


Potential or actual legal cases put an emotional and mental strain on the owners which can cause strain and stresses with the workers and customers as well.

Time Cost

Cases can drag on for years restricting growth and opportunities afforded to the business.

Loss of Business to Competitors

Publicity (article in the paper, word of mouth) about the problems or specific litigation, inattention of the owner, confusion in the marketplace as to the status of the company and a loss of reputation with current and potential customers generates concern among ongoing and potential clients. Some businesses may lose their bonding as a result of the actual litigation, which makes them unable to fulfill their contracts and secure new contracts.

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EmPro strives to relieve our clients of the burdens of employee management, HR related compliance, and the stress of recruiting and terminating employees.

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